My MFA research explored the effective communication of information in an expanded academic museum environment. Predominantly, how to create welcoming, engaging exhibit and wayfinding experiences that connect with broad demographic audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Shrem Museum of Art at University of California, Davis:
As part of a land grant university with an extensive population of minority majority ethnic groups, the Shrem Museum of Art (currently under construction, opening early 2017) will provide an opportunity for its intended audience to engage culturally and intellectually both inside and outside the museum.
For this I've created a series of mockups and priminarly prototypes(low-tech)in public spaces around UCDavis campus. My goal is to attract a broad cross-section of UC Davis students, adults, families, experts etc. to the Shrem Museum of Art.
Concept started with drawing a simple human face
Initial sketch translated to Pixel Art
Pixel art translated to the sticky notes. (For this we had to create our own sticky-notes)
We installed the stickynote work late at night since we were very intrested in the element of "Suprise" 
Sticky-note project was filled with notes that students of campus left for us. 
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